Saturday, December 22, 2012

Olivas Adobe ghost face

The Olivas Adobe in Ventura, CA, is one of the most haunted places in the American West. This picture taken of the second floor window shows a face. Many pictures of ghosts have been taken over the years. Its an ideal place for a psychic investigation. I wish I could alert "Ghost Adventures" the TV show to the many unique elements in this old hispanic hacienda. I myself have seen several things here and I know of many others who have experienced the paranormal at this site. As close as I can figure there are four ghosts: a lady in a black dress, a little girl in a white night dress and cap, a woman with no eyes, and a grey woman with a wooden spoon. There may well be more.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Ghost Hunting changes lives!

Hunting Ghosts can change people for the better. It can bring out the spiritual side of their nature and give them a confidence that can't be found in many other places. I believe youth at Risk could be transformed if they could be taken out and make them part of a ghost hunting team. You may have noticed ghost hunters walk with a swagger of confidence. They have a spirit to them. Ghost hunting teaches teamwork and forces people to work together--I mean those who do not run away in terror.

Monday, July 30, 2012

Ghostly events for August 2012

AUGUST EVENTS WITH Richard Senate August 11, 4 to 5 PM, Lecture on Lost Treasures of Ventura County from the Lost Padre's Mine to the Olivas Adobe Treasure. AUGUST 16 8 to 10 (Thursday) The Ghosts of Olivas Adobe--Part tour & Part Ghost Hunt at the 1847 Adobe --Tickets 805-658-4726. August 24 7 to 9 Bank of Books tour & Talk--the Ghosts of Downtown Ventura. fee $5. August 31 Friday night Cemetery walk--Tickets can be purchased at 805-658-4726. This place never fails to produce events!

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Ghost Hunting's Related Cousins

Ghost Hunting has several related disciplines. They face the same unrelenting skepticism and mocking tone from established science. We have several features that link our related studies. A Partial list includes: 1. UFOLOGY: the study of Unidentified Flying Objects—sometimes called “Flying Saucers” Having roots in the 1950s they have several good cases—-including the events at Roswell, New Mexico. At landing sites they have found strong EM readings just as we find them in Haunted Places. MUFON is the best group out there so far. Keep searching the skies. “The Truth is out there!” 2. CRYPO-ZOOLOGY: The search for mythical animals such as Bigfoot. So far weak evidence for bigfoot but they have proven some monsters do exist such as Octopus Giganticus, The Canadian Red Bear and the Scottish Jumping Cat. Keep looking you may just encounter The man of the woods! (or at least record his call). 3. CRYPO-BIOLOGY: The search for mythical plants such as the Strangling Tree of Madagascar —So far the Tree That kills has eluded them but they did find some pine trees that lived at the time of the dinosaurs—thought extinct —living in one valley in Australia. Keep looking for the tree and watch out for tendrils! 4. CRONOLOGY: The search for time travel—both historical and man made. There have been a few cases of natural time travel in the historic record. The 1901 time travel of two English Teachers at the French Palace of Versailles is the best case. 5. ARKOLOGY: Our Christian Friends are seeking the remains of Noah’s Ark on Mount Ararat in Turkey. They have some interesting photographs of something that does look like a really big boat! 6. DEMONOLOGY: Seekers of evidence of Demonic creatures and related paranormal events—Many linked to Christian Fundamentalists and there interpretation of the Holy Scriptures. Don’t forget the Holy Water! 7. OROLOGY: Also known as Treasure Hunters. They seek lost gold and lost loot. Many such treasure troves are haunted and cursed! They have some things in common with ghost hunters. Keep looking and searching, there is a lot more lost gold out there!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Harry Price Ghost Hunter of England

“A poltergeist is an alleged ghost, elemental, entity, agency, secondary personality, “intelligence”, “power”, spirit, imp or “familiar” with certain unpleasant characteristics… The poltergeist is mischievous, destructive, noisy, cruel, erratic, thievish, demonstrative, purposeless, cunning, unhelpful, malicious, audacious, teasing, ill-disposed, spiteful, ruthless, resourceful and vampiric. A ghost haunts, a poltergeist infests!” — Harry Price, English Ghost Hunter and author of Poltergeists over England.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Wormie Annie ghost lady of Silver City

"Wormie" Annie Sullivan is rumored to haunt Silver City Ghost Town in Bodfish, CA. She got her strange nick name because she owned and operated a worm ranch selling the earthworms to fishermen. She was an eccentric lady who seems to check out the town from time to time. they named the saloon in the place, "Wormie Annie's" in her honor. They have lantern ghost tours every two weeks for $12 dollars each. Take a camera--you might even get a picture with Annie!

Saturday, June 30, 2012

Silver City Ghosts!I

In the 1960s a family in Bodfish began to save old buildings from the local ghost towns and preserve them so they wouldn't be lost forever. The collection from five ghost towns were put together and renamed "Silver City". Now its open as a museum where the old west comes to life with gunfighters and dance hall girls. But this is no tourist trap becaus,e Silver City has something other places do not--Real Ghosts! It has been featured in the show Haunted Discoveries where ghostly voices were recorded in the old Saloon and church. Others coming for the late night 'Lantern Tour' have seen paranormal events and phantoms! Doors open and close, lights on on and off, bottles float about and there are phantom sounds. the old jail was moved here and in 1905 it housed local gunfighter Newt Walker (who killed two men in an uneven gunfight on the main street of Halvalah). One ghost said to walk these streets owned the land before the buildings were moved here. Called "Wormie" Annie Sullivan she owned and operated a worm ranch here, selling worms to the local anglers. An eccentric woman, they have honored her with a display and they have named the saloon after her. It seems her ghost stops in from time to time! they even have a photograph that might show the heavyset woman looking in a window! If you are ever in Bodfish, look up the place and if you can, take one of the "creepy" Lantern Tours--keep an eye open for one of there wandering ghosts!